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HabitKeeper is a nifty little application that helps you record and manage your habits. It's easy and simple to use, and a great help for recording how well you're keeping up with your good habits. By keeping a record, you'll be able to look back at a graph representing your progress, making you all the more motivated to keep up with your good habits.

How to Use

1 Set up

First of all set up your habit. Each habit can be set options such as input type, unit name, and repeat type.

There are three types of repeat type (specific days / every X days / specific date in month). That flexible repeat types may satisfy your demand.


2 Track

Track your habits everyday. The app has two screen where you record. One is one day screen and another is monthly calendar screen. Each screen can be horizontal swipe to change date. The montyly calendar screen can be also vertical swipe to change other habit.

If you set habit number value type you can input negative number and decimal fraction into daily record. Threre are many useful situations using the feature like jogging distance, exam mark, weight, and so on.


3 Stats

See the accumulated tracking data to keep your motivation high. The increasing daily records sustain your drive. The habit set check type shows bar chart, number type shows line chart. Touch down and hold on line chart to display track’s detail.


App Settings

HabitKeeper supports many options such as start week on, icon badge, passcode lock, and chartmark type. As the app also supports data backup by email attachment it makes you be relieved.




- Record multiple habits
- Number and check type settings for each habit
- Units name
- Set which week days, every X days, or specific date in month to be checked
- Reset daily record of each habit


- When entering numerical values, you can enter numbers through a numeric keypad (appearing on the screen)
- Fractions and negative numbers
- Calendar display (Horizontal swipe to change other month / Vertical swipe to change other habit)
- Total amount for what you've checked in the calendar
- Appear check mark animation when tap daily habit


- Checkbox-type records are displayed as bar graphs, numerical values are displayed as line graphs
- Total amount
- Touch and hold to show detail label in line chart


- Start week on in calendar
- App badge shows remaining number of habits for the day
- Passcode lock
- Three checkmark image type (checkmark / cross / circle)


- Export data to email attachment
- Import data from email attachment


- 4-inch iPhone 5 displays
- Retina displays
- Reset all application data

URL scheme is available

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