Manage Your Notes and Pictures with Folder




1. Manage text and picture with folder

You can sort documents by creating folder. You can also make subfolders in a folder.
If you can not find a file, you can search it in search screen.


2. Monthly calendar is suited for diary

The app has a monthly calendar (timeline) screen. In that screen all documents are listed in chronological order. You can write an event with specific date and time.
You can filter documents by setting a specific folder.
Calendar screen can be swiped horizontally.


3. Easy to access body text by "Read More" button

You can easy to access body text and photo on the list. You don't need to change screen.
Read more button will be shown if the total number of line of the body text is greater than preferences number. Tap that button and the app will show all rest of the body text.
Tap a photo and the app will pop-up detail photo.


4. Share contents with other apps, count number of letter, move cursor by arrow key

Text and picture are shared with other apps like Twitter, Facebook, Evernote and Dropbox.
The app show letter count immediately while you are editing text.
You can move cursor by tapping arrow key. The cursor moves repeatedly while you tap and hold on that key.


5. Password protection

Password protection is available. Protect your privacy.



Device iPhone
OS iOS9.3 and later
Category Productivity
Price Free (in App Purchases)